"My paintings elicit feelings of warmth. Often times the subjects are of my sisters and aunts, in the house during my early years. I was constantly surrounded by them since my father and uncles were out working late providing for the family",said artist PINO.
-Artist Pino Daeni - 1939 - now

About Pino Daeni: The Italian artist, PINO was born in Bari, Italy on November 8, 1939. Pino Daeni began his studies at the city's Art Institute. His art paintings elicit feelings of warmth, nostalgia, love and family. Artist Pino paintings are often set on vibrantly sunny beaches, typically in the Mediterranean where he grew up. In 1979 Pino Daeni immigrated to the United States under the sponsorship of Borghi Gallery where he held several painting shows in New York and Massachusetts. We study his painting style for many years and offer best reproductions of artist Pino paintings. Read Pino's Bio...

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