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James Jacques Joseph Tissot (October 15, 1836 - August 8, 1902) was a French painter.Tissot was born at Nantes. He studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris under Ingres, Flandrin and Lamothe, and exhibited in the Paris Salon for the first time at the age of twenty-three. In 1861 he showed The Meeting of Faust and Marguerite, which was purchased by the state for the Luxembourg Gallery. His first characteristic period made him a painter of the charms of women. Demi-mondaine would be more accurate as a description of the series of studies which he called La Femme a Paris.He fought in the Franco-Prussian War, and, falling under suspicion as a Communard, left Paris for London. Here he studied etching with Sir Seymour Haden, drew caricatures for Vanity Fair, and painted portraits as well as genre subjects.Sometime in the 1870s Tissot met a divorcee, Mrs. Kathleen Newton, who became his companion and the model for many of his paintings. Mrs. Newton moved into Tissot's household in 1876 and lived with him until her suicide in the late stages of consumption in 1882 at the age of 28.Some of Tissot works are listed as below:James Jacques Joseph Tissot Paintings The Bunch of VioletsThe TravellerThe Garden BenchIn an English GardenJames Jacques Joseph Tissot Paintings Hide and SeekThe Artists LadiesThe PicnicA Woman of AmbitionThe Ball on ShipboardGentleman in a Railway CarriageThe Political LadyIn the SunshineYoung Lady in a BoatA Little Nimrod,By the Thames at RichmondThe Woman of Fashion,The Concert, ect...

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