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Emile Munier was a French academic artist and student of William-Adolphe Bouguereau. He was born in Paris on June 2, 1840 and lived with his family at 66 rue des Fosses, St. Marcel. Emile had two brothers, François and Florimond, all of whom were gifted artists and each spent some time at the Gobelins. During Emile's training he developed a close relationship with his professor Abel Lucas and his family. Emile Munier eventually married Abel's daughter Henriette.During the 1860s, Emile Munier received three medals at the Beaux-Arts and in 1869 he exhibited at the Paris Salon. Munier became a great supporter of the Academic ideals and a follower of Bouguereau, whose subject matter would be an important inspiration to the young Emile.In 1895 Munier painted La jeune fille et le panier de chatons, but on June 29, a few weeks after his 55th birthday, he died.On this page, we list 21 pieces of the Emile Munier Paintings for you to choose.
-Emile Munier - French academic artist 1840 - 1895

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